Why the Oil is Important for the Vehicle

The oil is a lubricant that makes the moving parts of our vehicle do not wear out; the oil must be of high quality and, of course, must be following what the manufacturer recommends.

One of the main factors for which a vehicle has a more advanced deterioration of the engine is the lack of maintenance. And mainly due to the change of oil after the kilometers recommended by the manufacturer.

Nowadays, brands like Volkswagen increase the mileage of the change of environment to about 15,000 to double 30,000km. This result is due to the quality of the oil and the filtering system.

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What features does this Castrol 5w40 oil have?

It is synthetic, that is, unlike mineral oil, which extracted from petroleum refining, the synthetic obtained through the synthesis of particles that modify the structures of the components. These oils are better since they provide several advantages:

  • Good fluidity at low temperature, facilitating cold starting.
  • The viscosity of the oil is stable.
  • Reduces friction better causing less wear of the parts.
  • Starting with 5w, this means that it is an oil that withstands -25 degrees, in its operating temperature range.
  • Forty means the viscosity of the same. In this case, it is semi-vulgar, 30 would be semi-fluid, this degree of coherence obtained when the oil reaches a working temperature of 100 degrees.
  • They are ideal oils for turbocharged vehicles, which support a higher rate of performance, such as a higher pressure, a higher thermal degree without this heat influencing the degree of protection of the engine, and moving parts.

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But what happens if I pass the mileage?

  • In case of going beyond the kilometers the manufacturer marks, many of them can put obstacles to continue processing the guarantee in case of failure of some vehicle’s components since they place great emphasis on the importance of changing the oil in time.

What if I don’t reach that mileage?

  • In that case, the vehicle must replace the oil every year, and why every year? Because the passage of time also deteriorates the oil components.

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Do you change the oil yourself?

  • If you are responsible for changing the oil in your car, I advise you to first suggest on what oil you need your car and buy it in specialized portals to find a good price.
  • It also has the mileage indicated so as not to overlook or forget about it, just like when you changed the oil, gasoline/diesel, and air filter.
  • You can do it in an Excel-style spreadsheet or put a paper in the documentation or open a page in your mobile notes manager.
  • Remember that the final duration of the vehicle starts from good maintenance.
  • And that’s it, leave us in the comment box that oil uses your vehicle or by what brand you decide when to change the oil.

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