Why Do I Choose LEDs for the car headlight?

For a long time, the LEDs primarily found in rear lights, daytime running lights, and turn signals, but they increasingly used as headlights. As a low beam, the LEDs do not have an advantage in terms of luminosity. But the high color temperature ensures a better impression of brightness. Also, the LED light offers two further advantages: On the one hand, the life of the illuminant is very long, on the other hand, the light consumes very little electricity.

Lighting technology in automotive engineering has developed enormously in recent years. But how do super bright LED headlights work? What are the advantages of this headlight in practice?

Most cars still drive through the night with nasty halogen lights. But some have ever broken through the darkness with an LED light knows that the small LEDs shine much brighter and wider. The better lighting technology is not only evident in the luminaires themselves, but also systems such as the glare-free high beam, ensure greater safety and comfort.

car headlight


LED headlights to enable the driver to drive comfortably and safely thanks to the light color similar to daylight. As a result, the driver tires more slowly and drives more relaxed. For people who work in the dark, this high color temperature is also an advantage. Because it protects the eyes, keeps you fit longer, and thus ensures safer work. Also, compared to conventional light bulbs, LED lights do not require a warm-up phase to reach the setpoint for the light signal. These fractions of a second are particularly important for brake lights with 912 led bulb and can therefore mitigate or even prevent rear-end collisions.

car headlight

Environmental Protection

Due to their extreme durability, minimal energy consumption, and freedom from wear and maintenance, LEDs are currently the most environmentally friendly lighting technology. With the same light output, energy consumption significantly reduced, which also has a positive impact on fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.

If you want to install an LED such as 921 led bulb in your car, you can find a variety of design options. They have the same base as incandescent bulbs and can be exchanged practically one to one. From a legal point of view, the use of LEDs inside the vehicle is relatively unproblematic because the interior lighting on the vehicle did not explicitly list in the regulations. Therefore the color of the light is not specified either.

In principle, it is technically quite possible to convert headlights to LEDs. The lighting effect may look so cool from standing in front of the car and light hardly comes out. You can also install modern LED daytime running lights in your car, which combined product of daytime running lights and fog lights.

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