The Guide to Change Serpentine Belt on 2003-2012 Honda Accord

Today I’m going to be replacing my serpentine belt. so first you want a fourteen-millimeter wrench and then you want to insert into that bolt that 14 millimeter bolt. This is the auto tensioner, you’re just going to turn it clockwise to release the tension and then you’ll be removing the belt.

The Guide to change Serpentine Belt on 2003-2012 Honda Accord 1


What you want to do is pull on the wrench as hard as you can and you want to slip the belt out. I’ll just go ahead and take off the wrench, take off the belt and then slip a new one on.

The Guide to change Serpentine Belt on 2003-2012 Honda Accord

when you put in the boat you want to slip it in, and you want to start wrapping around the crankshaft pulley and the AC pulley. You go so once you have both of them on, you want to slip around the idler pulley over, make sure you don’t want to slip onto the auto tensioner. There you go make sure everything fits once you have everything on. You want to get your wrench go ahead and pull this belt right here back, slip the wrench on and then you pull as tight as you can, and go ahead and slip on the belt.

The reason why I chose the auto tensioner to slide it the belt on is because there’s no rib, it’s just a smooth plate. There’s a little hump right here that you got to go over onto the rib of the pulley and so that’s why I recommend sliding it onto the auto tensioner. It’s much more easier have that you want to turn on your car make sure the belt runs and it does.



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