The Guide to bleed Honda Accord brake fluid

This is a Honda Accord 2004 it’s going to work for other hunger model and I’m going to show you how to lead the brake fluid.

This dirty dirt when the dirt is a little bit dark, one is clear and it’s clean. so what you have to do the first step is use a straw to suck their mucus from the nose. The fluid if you blue a bleed whole thing out it will take a long time, so you’ll suck this first and then make sure you get the correct fluid.

The next step is: this is the outlet will come out. You can just have the container here when the fluid come out it will come to the container but it’s better cleaner if you do this.

This is a wrench we need to have the wrench, I will type this and then after I make this tight again, then I will lose this again, there’s some fluid to come out, you have to do all four of the wheel.

And then after you’ll do one at a time, it doesn’t really matter. I found it really makes little difference maybe there is but I haven’t found one anyway. So you do this at least four times and when you do this is the very black food trap and that that reservoir will come out. Do four because each one has a fluid very close to the wheel.


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