How to Restore Honda Accord Fading Headlight Lens?

As the development of technology, many vehicles today are using plastic headlight lens instead of the glass headlight lens, but the plastic headlight has a vital con, it just can’t hold up to UV sun damage. When you drive the car for over 4 or 5 years, the plastic headlight will go to be yellow and look like this picture below.

The headlight is fading, with the yellow coating on the plastic, the penetration of light will reduce. That means the light output will decrease as well so that you can’t get enough visibility at night.

Target to this problem, I have a solution, it is not a permanent fix and will take you a little bit of time (perhaps 1 or 2 hours, depending on your hands-on ability). And we need proper tools and polishes. But when after fixing, they can be restored to good condition again, please check the image below, that is how it looks like after fixing.


How to do these, you should prepare the tools and polishes I used. And this is how I do it,

1), Clean lens to remove all dirt and grime by cloth

2), I used my 3-inch Griots Orbital Polisher as it is better for smaller areas, bigger orbital or rotating polisher might be made use of yet highly suggest taping off the paint around the lens to secure the paint, particularly the sides of the fender and also bumper cover from altering;

3), Refined with medium cut orange foam pad as well as Menzerna FG400 (a great aggressive gloss that completes nearly ideal). Did this 2 times.

4), Refined the polishing and also bring more quality to the lens with a polishing environment-friendly foam pad and Sonax Perfect Paint End up (my brand-new go to item for the last polish).

5), Secured the plastic with Optimum Opti-Clear (or any high quality wax or sealer – I have a number of as well as Optimum while expensive is very simple to use).

(Please note: If the lens doesn’t clear after these polishing actions, wet fining sand may be necessary for truly damaged lenses. If required, deal with like paint as well as wet sand with 800 grit, then 1000 and completed with 2000 grit passes. After that adhere to the above polishing steps. For me, I really did not require damp sanding.)


The method I introduced today, it is not an irreversible solution as when the UV defense of the original lens stops working, the plastic will certainly yellow once more, pit and dull again over time. This sprucing up will certainly extend the life of the fronts lights regarding 6+ months (depending upon local problems as well as sunlight exposure) prior to having to do it once more or ultimate replacement. When the original lens really can be recovered, it is time to change a new headlight on it. And as the development or technology, now we can make a choice on various headlight technology, bi xenon, bi led, or even laser headlight.

Anyway, I hope this helps others.


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