How to Replace the 2017 Honda Accord Cabin Air Filter

Normal care to your car will not just enhance the vehicle efficiency but also boosts your automobile’s resale worth when it’s time to trade it in. A lot of services prevail understanding, such as oil changes as well as tire turnings, however there’s also another essential maintenance task that must routinely be done: replacing your cabin air filter


How often should you change the cabin air filter?

If you live in a completely dry city that’s free of plant pollen and also falling fallen leaves, your filter may still be great at 15,000 miles and also have a great deal of life left in it. At the same time, it’s additionally a fact that desert environments with fine layer of silt airborne can obstruct cabin air filters similarly well.


How long it will take on replacement by ourselves?

In today’s new car, changing the cabin air filter is extremely easy to do. Typically, they are located behind the glove box in the passenger side but you can refer to the automobiles owner’s handbook to determine the precise location. A lot of cabin air filters can be changed in much less than 15 minutes without devices, although some take a bit longer and also might require taking out fasteners that hold the glove box or interior trim panels in position.


How to Replace?

To Honda Accord, according to my modification experience, it will certainly require to remove the old cabin air filter from its housing, clean the housing of all dust and also debris, replace the filter with a new Honda Cabin Air Filter, and also change the screw to affix the glove box. How to do this, just follow me step by step;

1), Open the glove box,

How to Replace the 2017 Honda Accord Cabin Air Filter

2), Place your hand at the back of the glove box, press it in and also it will drop down. Currently you can see the faceplate to the cabin air filter channel.

How to Replace the 2017 Honda Accord Cabin Air Filter

3), Raise the latches on the sides of the faceplate and also slide it off the beaten track, opening up the filter compartment.

How to Replace the 2017 Honda Accord Cabin Air Filter

4), Inspect the brand-new filter for the air flow direction. As well as install it.


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