How to Install 9th Gen Honda Accord Sedan HexaLight LED Fog Light

Today we’re going to look at the foglights and we’re going to be installing the 9012 LED bulbs on the Honda Accord fog lights. This is an H8 bulb type.

How to Install 9th Gen Honda Accord Sedan HexaLight LED Fog Light

First, we’re going to start off by removing the black bezel, in order to remove this black bezel. First, you need to remove a screw from under the car. We just need to loosen it a couple turns, that way we can slide it out. There are two holes in the black piece plastic, this hole that’s closest to the center of the car is where you’re going to insert a screwdriver. You only need to loosen a few turns to get it, so you can get the black bezel out. There’s a hook shape and so you can get it to screw in there. What if you take your screwdriver will straight up through a loop in, just loosen it a couple turns and you’ll be able to pop out the bezel.

Next, after you’ve loosened the screw you could take a plastic tool or a butter knife wrapped with electrical tape, all you need to do is slip your tool under the gap and get a pup you’re going to pull up.

It will pop out once you get it loose, and then you’re going to pull up and these clips will come out. Only two more screws that you have to remove, there’s one of them below the housing and the other one is a little bit deeper inside just need a Phillips screwdriver to take those two out.

How to Install 9th Gen Honda Accord Sedan HexaLight LED Fog Light

The assembly was out, there’s the bulb there and then all you need to do is unclip the bulb and then twist the bulb counterclockwise to pull it out. Just press on the tab and slide it out and here you twist it comes out. We’re going to take the light headlight LED system and it installs just the same way. Take the housing line up the three prongs, twist clockwise to lock it in place and make sure you push until the tab is secure and then you just reverse the installation it can be a little tricky to get it to line up.

Now that we’ve got it installed all you got to do is turn your headlights on and make sure the fog lights are on to test them out.

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