How to Clean Honda Accord the Engine Bay

How to clean the engine bay, that would be the question that trouble you for a long time. There’s dust, dry, dirty, oil spill, leaks, etc.… So now you want to clean it, it will need to spray with cleaner, brush, and rinse several times, but you’re a bit worried if spraying water onto the engine will damage any components, or worse, shut off your car completely.

For protection, some people will tell you to remove the battery before cleaning the engine. In my opinion, before you spray the car’s engine compartment with water and degreaser, be sure to cover sensitive electrical parts with a plastic bag. Those are the areas that you really don’t want water or degreaser pooling in. Cover these electrical parts with a bag, then be sure to remove the bag before you start your engine.


How to clean the engine bay;

1), Use a Blower to remove any loose Debris;

2), Cover the alternator and drive belt;

3), Cover the battery and ECU;

4), Cover the intake inlet;

5), Start Rinsing from the Top;

6), Spray down the engine bay with soap;

7), Don’t scrub the hood liner. If you need to, then gently scrub it; and clean every nook and cranny you can;

8), Rinse the hood liner top to down;

9) Remove the covers on alternator, drive belt, battery, ECU and intake inlet;

10), Use a Blower to remove the water;

11), Wipe down the engine bay and the items you covered.

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