How to Change Honda Accord Headlight Bulbs to LEDs

Today we have a 9th 2013-2016 Honda accord we’ll be installing LED headlights on it. We have already installed a led bulb on the passenger side. Now we use an H11 led bulb conversion kit to install on the driver side.

We’re looking here at the driver side and this is our h11 bulb, we need to remove the connector before we remove the bulb. The first thing to take my thumb push down and pull down to remove the connector and then turn counterclockwise the bulb to remove and that one comes right out.

The LED kit has two parts to the installation you have the driver and the bulb itself always pretty self-explanatory that one goes back into the housing you turn it clockwise to connect back in place. You have a power wire here then you connect from the driver. The second part is the power connector and that’s going to connect to the connector. The last piece that we need to do there is some 3m tape provided with your kit. We’re going to change the angle so you can see on to this side where we end up putting our ballasts our power driver and attach it and secure it in place.

We’re going to put the drivers, I’m going to tape one side off, and we’re going to place this directly against the frame and press down you want to press down nice and tight make sure it’s a good fit.

Here is the led product link,, if you are interested in it after reading my article, you can give it a try.


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