Clean and Maintain

Why Do I Choose LEDs for the car headlight?

For a long time, the LEDs primarily found in rear lights, daytime running lights, and turn signals, but they increasingly used as headlights. As a ...

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Why the Oil is Important for the Vehicle

The oil is a lubricant that makes the moving parts of our vehicle do not wear out; the oil must be of high quality and, of course, must be following ...

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How to Travel Safely in the Summer Vacation

Travel safely this summer; these are the keys: With the summer vacations, much of the displacements we are going to make will be along the roads ...

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How to Restore Honda Accord Fading Headlight Lens?

As the development of technology, many vehicles today are using plastic headlight lens instead of the glass headlight lens, but the plastic headlight ...

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How to Clean Leather Car Seats on Honda Accord

If your seats have instilled grime from an extended period without being cleaned, you can't clean it by a cloth, so it's time to go out a natural ...

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How to Clean Honda Accord the Engine Bay

How to clean the engine bay, that would be the question that trouble you for a long time. There's dust, dry, dirty, oil spill, leaks, etc.… So now ...

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