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Aug 21, 2017
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So I went back home and all I could think about was “you know who”. His thought kept running back and forth in my head and trust me, I completed the fantasy I started at my parents place. I had never felt this way for Alhaji, and frankly who would; I mean the man can scream Budde like he gets paid for it. Nothing was more interesting than the thought of him undressing me with his eyes and making me scream his name in loud whispers, and then watching him as he’d put his hands around me and….

Knock! Knock! A child had been sent to interrupt line of thought. I opened the door and there was a box sitting in front of me and for the next five minutes I waited at the door hoping that I’d find the person hiding after dropping the box. He or she didn’t show up. So after waiting, I picked up the box and returned to my room and locked the door from inside. I thought it was Alhaji’s stunts again but it wasn’t. It was a new name on it. How could he think of sending gifts to alhaji’s house? Did he have a death wish, was he planning to lose his manhood???? What the hell must have been on his freaking mind? Just as I was about to open this package my mentor Hajia Maimunat called out to me and so I swiftly put the box underneath the bed and answered her. She only came to ask how my trip was and how my parents were and I couldn’t help it. She saw that I was excited about my visit to my parents house, but the excitement wasn’t about them. She pressured but I refused to talk about it. It was time for dinner and as I swallowed my tuwo shinkafa I was remembering his face and I realized I wanted to see him again. Darn! I had not opened the package. I ran off without remembering that I was eating with Hajia and I didn’t even look back to see her reaction. I only remembered this after I’d run off and I really was in no mood to even care or check. I entered my room, looked sideways to be sure no one was looking and locked the door. With its key. I bent down, picked the box up slowly and carefully to ensure it didn’t make any sound. I’ve never been so careful all my life and as I opened the box I hoped it wasn’t something that would put me in trouble….. Yea….  It was a new phone and it was certainly trouble. I had everything I wanted or needed from Alhaji and i can’t even begin to talk about the things that I have and don’t need, want or ever asked for. However, this one just seemed like it was coated in love, sweetness and romance… While I carefully put the phone together, and insert he already registered sim that was included in the package, all I could think about was ways to say thank you. The things that went through my mind hovered around sending a gift in return or being the gift in return. As I deliberated, a part of me reminded me of the innocent dreamy girl I used to be and that my new interest would be a way out but I paid it no mind. I ignored the thought and moved on to cooking up excuses that would make me go home. Yes, I was afraid and wasn’t sure that I was ready to go down this road, but it felt like a way to feel free from the bondage I was in so I considered it and started putting up a plan. Meanwhile, as I put the phone together and turned it on, I got a message that said, Package delivered??? Like he was waiting to hear from me, as I typed “yes, thanks ” and sent, the reply was swift and he said,” you’re welcome

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