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Nifty’s Biography and his NEXPECTATION EP review

May 04, 2017
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Artist Name: Nifty
Born Date: April 22, 1994
Birth Place: Kaduna
Genres: Hip Hop/Rap/R&B
Record Label: Nil


Enoch Solomon (Born 22 April 1994), Popularly known as Nifty or better still Nifty Breezy is a Nigerian Hip hop recording/performing Artist.


Nifty has been described as someone unique because of his flirtatious experimentation with different genres of music from R&B to Afro-pop all built on a predominantly hip hop foundation. Nifty, Gbagyi by tribe grew up in Kaduna State in other words a music-filled environment.


Nifty officially released his first single titled “murder dem” which eventually made waves in the northern part of the country capturing his listeners with his unique voice, delivery, wordplay and most especially his punchlines. In 2013 Nifty released another Hip-Hop song titled ‘Top-Spot’ what turned his early journey around as he’d go on to win the Top Entertainment State Awards (TESA) in 2013 as the Best New Act. Since then, Nifty has gone on to release some superb piece (Nifty is, My girl (Fettywap’s Trap Queen Cover) Hello (Adele’s Hello Cover) and other freestyles.

PROJECT: The Nexpectation EP

Songs Review

1.Moment (intro)

One can’t ask for a better intro to a music project than ‘Moment’
Describing how he waited to deliver his EP to the world..”Long live
idols..Rapman, Pharou, OD (Overdose), Shex, Breezy, BOB, all the
realest old Geez” He said on the verse first verse..also on the song
Nifty talked about being compared to Skales when he started that he
had to switch up his style to avoid any comparison.. Further on second
verse Nifty talked about his grind and also apologized for the long
anticipation of the EP.
Believe me though it’s all worth the wait!


Asalama-lakum, sorry I kept y’all waiting
The April baby is here need I tell you who’s gonna be raining (reigning)
Woah..Surely Nifty delivered the facts here talking about how he was
wrongly judged because of he couldn’t further his education
immediately after graduating from college due to financial problems
some quickly passed their verdicts saying he wanted music so he didn’t
wanna continue schooling. Funny how people are quick to judge without
proper understanding.
The Rapper also shed more light on how hard it is being unique in this
generation..”In a generation you get criticized for being different
but get recognized soon as they start seeing your achievements”
Concluding the song with piece of advice to other acts..”The struggle
is beneath and the process is confidential I was made to understand
and take this life as an adventure..being the best alive is nothing
but some sort of dead wish I’d rather die trying maybe only then I’ll
get rich! Pheew!

3. Look up to God feat DIA

This is hip hop to the fullest..From the intro to the very last bar of
the song..pure poet.
This song talks about the pressure that talent comes with, the grind
to being a better person and looking up to God only for
blessings..featuring DIA another sick rapper whom recently released
his mixtape album..DIA did just what’s expected of him on this
one..expressed how he sometimes feels the temptation of trying to
believe in his very own self..Deep message we all have to listen to
this repeatedly!

4. Hakane

Never forget where you come from! Yes..From track one to three you’d
think Nifty can only use that British accent (Lol) to express himself
better..but hell nah.. Hakane is a song written and delivered in Hausa
and English language.. It’s a sing along song that even the streets
can easily vibe to it..Hakane means “Yes it is” and if you ask me if
this song is dope? Believe me I’ll say ‘HAKANE’

5. Day one

Day one day one, been the man since day one.. Nifty’s delivery is mad
on this..Describing how he has been in this game..how he’s kept it one
hundred since day one..The technicality and delivery is hot!

6. Black Queen

As the title is, so it implies. A song for every woman out there
raising real hustlers, for those women all their best to see they
raise their children in a way they’ll grow up to better the society.
The Rapper made it clear to his mum that he appreciates everything,
the sacrifices, prayers and support..Appreciate what you have
famz..listen to it

7. Tonight

A song the party people gonna surely vibe to.. A mid tempo dancehall
track.. Of course all work no play makes life boring and so it’s
simply a flexing song featuring Skinny Breezy and as we know the
Afro-pop fused with Trap song is really a good one to vibe to.

8. Medicine feat Major Kayz & Alazi

If you seek surely you’ll find..
One thing I got on ma mind..
I’m what you’ve never seen I gat your medicine
If you’re sick surely you’re fine cos I gat your medicine!
Wow.. The chorus alone is something else not to talk about the
verses..Nifty is a Rapper, Singer and producer.. So all he’s saying is
whatever you want he’s got it!

9. We don’t know feat Kushee

I get in my feelings every time I listen to this song..Sometimes we
fall in love with those we are really scared to tell them in order not
to lose them but they say you snooze you loose so you gotta
choose..don’t be scared to open up to the one you love..they might as
well be feeling the same way you do..Kushee nailed this one too!

10. Amen

As the title signifies, ‘AMEN’ it’s a song which describes the reality
of life..Not everyone wishes you well some just wanna see your plane
crash..some wanna take the crown off your head but as we know, God
never forsaketh his own. It’s simply a prayer that God shall guide and
protect us all. Amen!

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