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An interview with Muhammed Sahmien Ibrahim the CEO of MMK by Sahmien at the KADUNA FASHION SHOW 2016

Apr 17, 2017
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An interview with Muhammed Sahmien Ibrahim the CEO of MMk by Sahmien at the KADUNA FASHION SHOW 2016.

Ccrmmag: Tell us about the name?
Sahmien: MMK means Me and My Khaftans. It’s all about me, because it start with me, I’m ma 1st customer I didn’t start by making kaftans as business, I love sketching when I was young, so i started making my own cloth and whenever people see my cloth they admire it at first i give close friends and family for free but later I had to start getting paid.

Ccrmmag : For how long are u into clothing?
Sahmien: I started it as a business during my university days. For about 6years now. But it’s off and on due to school and all. I just opened a khaftan boutique and tailoring services 6months ago.

Ccrmmag : How do you market your stuffs?
Sahmien : people like what I wear always, like 60% of my customers don’t choose styles they just ask me to make any designs for them and out of the 60, 45-50 percent love what I give them just few have complains.

Ccrmmag :Do you make kaftan for ladies?
Sahmien : I am about to introduce that, hopefully next year(2017) and i have a name for it already “kaftan-woman”.

Ccrmmag: What is the inspiration behind your kaduna fashion week collection?
Sahmien: I walked into a Daviva store at jabi lake mall (Abuja) to get some African prints and I saw this particular beautiful web design in black and white. I knew it’s gonna be perfect for ma collection.

Ccrmmag :Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?
Sahmien: Here in Nigeria is Yomi casual. But I will like MMK to be like Gucci and Zara in the world one day.

Ccrmmag : What would you say to people who want to be fashion designers like you?
Sahmien: Well designing a piece is something everyone can do his own way. All one needs is uniqueness. And to Upcoming fashion designers(like me) we should try and not copy people’s style. Someones style is his fashion, we should try doing it our own way. People will notice it and like it then buy it, so just stick to your own designs.

Muhammed Sahmien Ibrahim
C.E.O MMK by Sahmien.

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