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Jan 05, 2017
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I know you’ve been expecting the rest part of my story,  but,  it was the holiday season and frankly,  I know I’m out of the situation but then,  I actually needed a break too.  I welcome you all to the new year.  May the blessings of Allah continually be with you.  Remember the lady I told you about,  yes she became sort of a mentor to me.  After she walked away that day, I didn’t bother asking any further questions. As far as I was concerned I had a moment of happiness,  and liberty from the tyranny of the thought that was becoming my nightmare and so,  instead of asking questions that would take that peace away from me,  I chose to zip it!
And yes life went on,  it didn’t seem like anything else apart from prayers,  cooking,  cleaning,  and sleeping took place on that house so I met my mentor,  and asked for a book. I was really scared that I was taking a high road to seeing that cold look again, but I didn’t mind,  I felt like some knowledge had to be getting into me, whether by crook or hook. She dragged me to her bedroom as If I’d said some sort of forbidden statement, asked me never to mention it again,  especially in the presence of the other women,  or alhaji. And so I held my peace. Two days later and there’s a novel under my pillow,  and I knew where it came from I just didn’t know why it was there and as she said, I said nothing of it.  Yes,  I didn’t even show gratitude. I know you’re probably wondering where alhaji was all this time,  he was out of town on business and this time of my life,  was bliss for me because there was no fear or anything of sort,  well until my joy was cut short.  He showed up weeks later and with lots of gifts.  I had never felt so loved and appreciated before. I was young and even though I was really into books and all, but I had a guilty pleasure for the fine things of life.  Yes,  jewelries and make up sets and clothes still got me at the time. And so even while his presence frightened me, it also gave me a little joy, well because of the gifts. He was slowly working me,  and I was losing my mind.  I knew a day was coming where I’d have to live my nightmare but I didn’t think it was anytime soon.  And yes it came sooner than I expected. Alhaji travelled again,  this time not far,  he got gifts too, but they were just mine.  He came into my bedroom that night,  and it wasn’t a dream, I didn’t hear the door opening,  he didn’t say nothing,  I just felt his hands on my tiny growing breast,  and I jumped up.  I didn’t know what was going to happen,  but I had heard about sex,  and I knew some girls in my class must have had it,  because some got pregnant and we’re expelled from school, but I didn’t know how it would feel, and I was really afraid.  He knew I was scared and asked me to sit down on his thigh.  I didn’t want to disobey,  so I did.  He put his hands on my thigh, and said,  “I’ve invested so much into your family,  I took care of you from childhood,  I’m really not asking for too much or am I?

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