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Dec 12, 2016
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As he walked in,  my brain froze,  I didn’t know what he wanted,and so I couldn’t say anything,  I stayed still like I didn’t hear him walk in.  He stood for a while watching me like he was contemplating on coming in or returning to his room.  And yes you guessed right,  he walked in and tried to lock the door but the keys kept shaking as if he was finding it difficult to lock and so he left  the door unlocked and walked straight to me. I still pretended to be asleep. Well until he sat by my side and ran his fingers through my hair and before he could get his hands exploring the rest parts of my body I jumped up.  Shrieking with fear. He put one finger on his lips trying to ask me to keep quiet and I did. He touched my thigh but I pushed his hand away, he did it again, and again I pushed his hand away. I was getting scared my breathe became stealth, and my heartbeat Now was almost as fast as the speed of light. I thought in my mind,  maybe if I plead, he’ll listen,  he can’t be so heartless. And so I started, I begged for my life because if this was going to happen I was so sure I was gonna die. Alhaji, please, please, I haven’t done this before,  please have Mercy. And so he said fine. That he wouldn’t do anything,  but he wanted me to lie down faced up so he’ll see my face as I slept.  I obeyed. But he lied.  He stood up,  climbed upon me and when I tried to scream he closed my mouth with his huge hand. And even if you were passing by at the time, you wouldn’t even hear me whimper. And so I resolved to fighting with my legs, but he pinned them down with his both knees and when I tried to use my hands, he held them both above my head and it dawned on him that he had no other hands to accomplish his desire, he started appealing to me saying, don’t shout iyanrinya, you’re my wife now my amariya and this is one of your responsibilities. I’ll take you around the world and  give you everything you want, just don’t shout ko? And I gave a little nod, but the minute he took his hands off, my first instinct was to wake the world up so i started screaming at the top of my voice. And somehow I though, someone will come to my rescue. No one did. As I screamed he hit me hard on my face, and as the first slap landed,  I woke up. When I did,  my heart was still racing like I fought out of this dream. But Allah be praised, it was indeed a dream, but then my nightmare had just begun. It was the first day of being a wife in a house where the older wives were like my own elder sister and mum. It was just the start, it was morning, and time to face my new wifely duties, which of course,  I was completely clueless about.

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