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Nov 27, 2016
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Mum, do I have a choice? Can’t I just finish school first, please mama, I promise I’ll make you proud. Just let me go to school, please. This is beyond me, she said. My child, your father has insisted you go with the Alhaji and he’s the head of the family, and you know how your father gets when you disagree with him. Please you’ll be fine, I promise, or so she thought. Nobody saw them or knew them, they didn’t think of what I would have become if I didn’t become Alhaji Bali’s wife and new entertainer. Yes, that’s what I became, his entertainer.. But how could they? I was only 12. And my beautiful dreams were ripped apart, my innocent body defiled and my mind, damaged and this is how it all started, I closed from school one day and find this huge man like dad visiting dad, I don’t know what dey talked about but I could bet my life it was politics and so I just greeted them and walked passed. Two weeks later, I was in my bedroom doing an assignment and then he showed up and this time he came to my room. I greeted. Sanu sir. Yowa he replied swiftly. I think dad is upstairs I’ll call him for you. Don’t bother I came to see what you’re doing. Oh me? I’m completing my school assignment, you could help, it’s mathematics and it’s a question on fractions that’s been stressing me. Walahi, I would love to help you but I didn’t go to school. But sit down with me for a while. And I sat on my bed like he did. Come closer he said, and naturally I refused. I’m fine here. He came closer, and put me on his thigh. And then asked, how old are you? I said 12 but I’ll be 13 in a months time. Nice very nice he said. And put his hand on my thigh. I pushed it off the first time but he wouldn’t let me be. And so he started a lecture on what he was about to teach me and how it was important I didn’t tell anyone. So first he touched my just arriving nipples saying that they were very important to men. And then he dropped me and said “I’ll see you later, don’t forget all I taught you” I couldn’t think of anything else and I didn’t complete the assignment either.

Episode 2 coming soon..drop your comments

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