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Nov 27, 2016
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CCRMMag: Tell us about Ruth Joan Waziri?


Ruth: Ruth is the last of 4 children, Hails from Kaduna state, Bajju precisely studying Human Anatomy in Bingham University 300L, was born on 20th February. I am a part time Model.


CCRMMag: What is modelling to you?


Ruth: Modelling is art to me. In fact it is everything to me


CCRMMag: What inspired you to become a model?


Ruth: My physique actually inspired me and a lot of people asked me to go into modelling because I have nice features.


CCRMMag: How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?


Ruth: My first fashion show was Abuja Runway 1, it was delightful being on that runway, doing my thing for the first time, and my dream turned reality.


CCRMMag: Who was your role model as a child and how did that help you being a model?


Ruth: I have always loved Alek Wek, Oluchi Orlandi, most of the south Sudanese models they gave me hope(their skin color, long legs is bae*smile*)


CCRMMag: Why modeling?


Ruth: Modelling is super fun to me (you get to wear different cloths, you learn a lot of things and gain experience). It brings out one part of you you’ve never really known and makes you do things you couldn’t do (there are a lot of things I couldn’t do but I can do them in modelling, I learnt how to take risk). Modelling is super fun.


CCRMMag: If you are offered 10,000,000 to quit modeling. Would you?


Ruth: That’s a big one.hmm.it depends how far I have gone in modelling. If I have really made a big name I won’t but if I brake my legs or married with kids I’ll quit modelling for 10,000,000 dollars not Naira.


CCRMMag: What are the challenges you facing now being a model?


Ruth: A Lot of people wants you to do free jobs and that kills your market. My major challenge is schooling in Bingham, I don’t get to have lot of opportunities of modelling jobs here. Most of the few jobs I get is in Abuja and the pay is small because they are basically small jobs. Basically my major challenge is my location right now (because it seems everything happen in Lagos or outside Nigeria) and even if I have a job outside I may not make it because of my busy school schedule and the school rules. We shall overcome all the challenges, but with time.


CCRMMag: What are your aspirations?


Ruth: As Beyoncé would say my major aspiration in life is to be happy. I aspire to be a super model. I would love to see my face on bill boards, magazines etc. apart from modeling I’ll want to have a doctorate degree in human anatomy.


CCRMMag: What are your guilty pleasures food wise?


Ruth: Chocolates, Pancakes, chicken, I’m a fan of palm oil rice and beans with dry fish and I love coke with the whole of my heart.


CCRMMag:   what beauty tips do you swear by?


Ruth: I don’t have really have any beauty tips because growing up the only thing I used was Vaseline but recently someone introduced me to coconut oil. So basically what I do is that when I take my bath in the morning I rub my coconut oil and sometimes with shea butter because of the dry nature of my skin. Also before going to bed I wash my face and drink a lot of water and I eat fruits often.


CCRMMag: thanks for your time


Ruth: it’s my pleasure.

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