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Nov 21, 2016
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CCRMMag: Tell us about yourself Miss Istifanus.

Miss common wealth Nigeria: I am Beauty Istifanus, I am from Kaduna state, Bajju precisely (Madakiya). I am a model, a beauty queen and a fun loving person that cares for people a lot. I am from a family of four; 3girls and a boy. I am the 3rd child of my family. (The Royal family of Istifanus Sankey).

CCRMMag: What prompted you to contest in beauty pageants why not any other thing?

Miss common wealth Nigeria: I am beautiful and I have the quality of a queen and grew up with a Queen (my mother) that gave me the passion to go into modelling/pageantry. Apart from the fact that my both parents are from Royal homes I wanted royalty as a profession too.

CCRMMag: What are your goals as a Beauty Queen?

Miss common wealth Nigeria: My goal is to give out charity, help the needy and the poor to enable make the world a better place for everyone to be comfortable in and have a happy life.

CCRMMag: As former Ambassador for Peace and present Miss Common Wealth, you’ll be travelling on the 20th of this month to represent Nigeria at Miss Common Wealth Worldwide in London, how do you feel about that?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: It’s a very nice and great feeling to represent our country is a thing of pride for me and am going to give it my best shoot to make us proud.so it’s a great feeling

CCRMMag: Transitioning from Ambassador for Peace to Miss Common Wealth, how does that make you feel?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: It’s a great feeling to know I can continue my charity work which is to make my country a better place and help people in my own way.

CCRMMag: We hear you are working on some projects, can you tell us a bit about them?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: Yea am working on going into Nollywood to shoot my own movies by Insha Allah.

CCRMMag: Is it compulsory for a model to have qualities like being slim, tall and fair?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: When you say modelling, it is a whole lot put in one, for example, being a picture model has nothing to do with your height. You just need the facial and beautiful looks with nice skin while being a runway model demand you to be at list 6ft tall.

CCRMMag: We heard that in modelling at times, its body for fame, how true is that.

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: Body for fame is a thing of choice because if you are sure you have what it takes then no need for body giving. Always be sure of what you want so no one can intimidate you in anyway or give you condition of any form.

CCRMMag: Does your modelling and beauty career affect you relationship life?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: Yea it does because of the negative comment your man and love once always have to read online. People always say thing they don’t know and that can destroy relationship of any form except your partner trust you.

CCRMMag: What difficulties have you come across so far from being a beauty queen?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: Lack of Sponsorship and Negative energy or vibes around; at times they weigh me down because we are all human and i think of myself at times

CCRMMag: Do you have limitations as to being a model and a beauty queen?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: Yea limitation of not acting negative and check what you say or do in the present of your fans because everything you do always come back exaggerated in front of people.

CCRMMag: What do you do for fun, how do you spend your free time?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: I spend my free time with my family and love ones or my man because I work too hard that I hardly have time so any little opportunity or free periods, I spend it with them. I club a lot to have fun.

CCRMMag: What do you want the people of Kaduna state and Nigeria at large to do for you as miss common wealth Nigeria?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: To pray, support and wish me well with good vibes no negative energy please….I need them to wish me well and vote for me in the forthcoming Miss Common Wealth International.

CCRMMag: What do you have to say to the youths of Kaduna state who are aspiring to be models and beauty queens just like you?

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: They should always believe in themselves and don’t allow things discourage them in anyway. Every success story has a failure start. It’s only the strong that keeps pushing when the road is tough and they should put God first in everything.

CCRMMag: Have a lovely evening and thanks for your time

Miss Common Wealth Nigeria: you are welcome.

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