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Life Imprisonment

Nov 16, 2016
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It’s 1:49Am on a cold Saturday morning  (the 7th day of November 2016), I am restless, couldn’t find sleep yet again. It’s been like this since the day I got imprisoned (for a crime I didn’t really commit). It’s been hell for me and I wish things will change and I’ll get out of this cage but it seems my prayers will never be answered.

It all boils down to choice, the choices we make in life today matters because they determine our tomorrow. I choose this path and am paying for choosing this path but the sad news is that am paying for life (am a prisoner for life). My life, my fun, my happiness as a woman was taken away from me since the day I got sentenced to life imprisonment. I remember vividly, my mum warned me about everything but I was blindfolded in love.

I met Hassan during my NYSC days in Katsina state. He was a rich, tall, light skinned and a handsome guy with lovely smile. In 4 words, he is “every woman’s dream man”.

He offered me a lift when I was heading for my CDS (community development service) on a Thursday morning and I couldn’t resist him because he looked good and had a nice accent even if he was Hausa too. I entered his car and we got talking and exchanged digits. He dropped me at my local government and drove off. Later that evening he called and asked about my day and how the CDS went and I said it was a bit boring but was OK. (I didn’t tell him I was thinking about him all day though). he then ask if I will be free during the weekend and I said yes without even thinking if I had any plans for the weekend. We hanged out that weekend and got to know ourselves better. That was when I found out that we both are from Kaduna city. (He was in Kastina for a contract) we got very close and started dating. He then left for Kaduna after his contract.

I visit Hassan on weekends without my parents knowing I came to Kaduna, we have fun, we hang out, go shopping but he never made passes at me .I was so proud of him for not taking advantage of me cause some men wouldn’t spend 1/10 of what he spent for me and would want to sleep with you even on first visit. I was cool with he’s decision cause it was impressive and I loved him even more. I got done with NYSC and couldn’t wait for him to pop the big question because I really wanted feeling him inside me already. Couldn’t wait anymore and finally he proposed with a lip stick red Toyota Venza on my 24th birthday. Before he could say “marry me” I already said yes. Told my parents about him and my mum kicked against it because she felt I didn’t know this guy very well but I was blinded in love and saw nothing wrong in me saying yes. The wedding finally pulled through and I couldn’t wait for the sex (that was all in my head during the wedding).

He is mine now, all mine. On the first night of our honey moon, he pleaded with me that he was tired due to the wedding stress and all. For love sake I’ll do anything for him.so I chilled and was lonely for that night and was anticipating for the next morning. He finally woke up at about 9am and went to brush his teeth in the bathroom. I have already done that and even properly washed up (I wouldn’t want him to be disappointed or complain about anything). He spent over an hour in the bathroom and got me wondering what was making him spend that much time inside the bathroom. Finally he came out and sat down on the bed. I was already naked waiting for him to attack me like a hungry lion but I was a bit disappointed when he didn’t.

We said nothing to each other for over 10mins before I asked what the problem was and he was like nothing really. Hmm. I asked him to lay on the bed, he did and i took off his pyjamas and kissed him softly, robbing his chest while kissing his neck and he got hard and finally penetrated me, low and behold he didn’t last even 2mins and I wanted all of him. He came and pulled out laying on the other side of the bed with his hand covering his face saying he will make it up to me (that was when my sentence to life imprisonment was announced ). it’s not all about shopping, money, outing or travelling.

“Every woman needs a man that can satisfy her bedroom wants at least once in a while” but Hassan wasn’t that man. Me glowing from head to toe, driving flashy cars, travelling to Dubai on regular basis got people thinking am enjoying my marriage but dip down within me I know am nothing but a prisoner. Am imprisoned and the sad news is that it’s not for a year or even 10 years but for life.*tears**confused*.
what should i do?

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